Mentorship Program

    The ALOMA Mentorship Program is designed to assist premed students and medical students through the complex and challenging pipeline of medical education. Out mission is to recruit and develop top intellectual talent within the state of Alabama with a desire to become a physician, into the field of osteopathic medicine.

    Goals of the ALOMA Mentorship Program:

    • To educate Alabama premed advisers about the option of osteopathic medicine and to promote the profession to premed students and advisers throughout the state.

    • To pair premed students and osteopathic physicians within Alabama for shadowing opportunities and mentor-mentee (advisory) relationships.

    • To assist osteopathic medical students in finding clinical rotation sites and in selection of residency training options.

    • To promote osteopathic medicine to premed students, premed advisers, educators and the public at large as a viable career option.

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